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Low-power FM community radio, also called LPFM, is one of community media’s biggest and most important innovations in the last 50 years. Stations around the nation have cropped up, with many more soon to come. Once a station is up and going, what do you need to know?

NFCB hosts a range of tools for low power FM community radio stations. Here are ten top resources.

  1. Differences for Low-Power FM In adhering to FCC rules and regulations
  2. Public Radio Legal Handbook
  3. Webinar: Underwriting 101 for Stations
  4. Templates for an underwriting program for community radio
  5. Making station collaborations work in your community
  6. Webinar: Financial Management Made Easy
  7. FCC self-inspection checklist
  8. Webinar: All-Volunteer Stations
  9. Requirements for Low-Power FMs when candidates request interviews
  10. Webinar: Good Governance

To access these materials, you must be an NFCB member station with a login to the Solution Center. If you are with a member station and need help, please contact us now for assistance.

If your community radio station is not yet a member, you can join here.