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Community Counts Initiative

“Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything that can be counted counts.”

Albert Einstein

About the Community Counts Initiative

CCI is predicated on NFCB’s deeply held convictions that, as a nation, we need resilient local communities—healthy, socially connected, and equitable—that have the ability to address and manage a range of situations and opportunities. Small-market public media is a critical resource for preserving, uplifting, and enhancing the well being of local communities. At the same time, community radio is impacted by shrinking resources, evolving technology and changing listening trends.

View Final Report for Pilot Cohort (2018-2019)

Broadband technology, media consolidation, and the disruption of local journalism have all challenged community stations. Using the Circle of Engagement model, CCI focuses on exploring sustainable paths with an eye towards sharing case studies with other NFCB stations and the larger public media system.

Funding for CCI is provided by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) whose mission is to ensure access to non-commercial, high-quality and educational public media service to all Americans.

CCI 2024: Course Description

CCI 2024 will offer the core teachings of the Circle of Engagement tool in a series of 4 virtual sessions spaced generously in a summer series. 

We are encouraging at least one station leader and one board member to attend these sessions. To increase accessibility, we are not making it mandatory that participating stations attend every session, but we are strongly encouraging this for maximum benefit, network building, and resilience. *

A highlight of CCI 2024 is that these session will feature facilitation and graphic recording from artist, designer, consultant (to name a few) Jamie Horter.

CCI’s 2024 structure will also include two 1-hour coaching calls with individual stations. These coaching sessions will take place throughout the Summer and early Fall, 2024. Opportunities for additional small group meet-ups and individual coaching will be offered throughout the series.

CCI 2024: Syllabus Overview

All sessions will be 90 minutes. The first half of each session will be a virtual classroom style learning environment with presentations from NFCB’s Director of Member Engagement. The latter portion of each session will be peer-led (and yet still facilitated) break out groups designed to dive deeper into specific topics that are most relevant to participants.
Each session’s content will be centered around one of the four themes of the Circle of Engagement: Content, Revenue, Engagement, and Organizational Capacity. This year’s content will include renewed focus on DEIB work as well as managing change and resistance.

Who Can Participate?

CCI is available to all NFCB member stations regardless of licensee type or affiliation with entities such as CPB, NPR, etc. NFCB Member Stations will be provided with registration links via the NFCB email listserv.

Dates and Registration

All sessions will take place on first Wednesdays of the month at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET.
June 5th | Session 1: The Circle of Engagement | Register here.
July 3rd | Session 2: Leadership & Organizational Capacity | Register here.
August 7th | Session 3: Planning to Plan + Revenue | Register here.
September 4th | Session 4: Engagement + Bringing it All Together | Register here.
CCI Alumni Portal

CCI Requirements


Applying stations must be CSG grantees in good standing


Applicants must include the general manager and a staff member of their choice

Collective Impact

One of the station’s two participants must be a station leader who has been in a management position at the station for at least two years


Applicants should have existing capacity that they can leverage to create an initiative that somehow addresses the intersectionality of the global pandemic, race relations/equity crisis, and increasing instability of the climate.