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Filled with tips, industry news and more, NFCB’s monthly newsletter is intended to keep community radio up to date on the latest issues, from technology to Congress.


Whether it is highlighting new projects to generate ideas for fundraising, engagement and audience growth, grant and funding opportunities, innovative programming or conversations about media strategy and vision, NFCB captures community radio news for you.





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Community Media Profiles from Recent Newsletters

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April 4, 2024

Profile: Marika Partridge, Founder & Senior Advisor (WOWD)

As we welcome Spring we also welcome another community radio profile. This month we sit down with Marika Partridge of…
Industry NewsNFCB UpdatesProfiles
March 8, 2024

Profile: Samantha Honani, General Manager (KUYI Hopi Public Radio)

For this month's community media profile, we're hearing from Samantha Honani, General Manager at KUYI Hopi Public Radio on the…
Industry NewsNFCB UpdatesProfiles
September 18, 2023

Newsletter Profile: K.P. Whaley, Executive Director (103.3 Asheville FM)

In NFCB's August newsletter, we interviewed K.P. Whaley. K.P. is the General Manager at Asheville FM in Asheville, NC. Asheville…