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NFCB provides the most complete support available to community radio, and has a long history of supporting community stations of all sizes. Joining NFCB gives you an opportunity to deepen your organization’s success, and to be part of a wider group of stations.


Here is what NFCB membership offers your station:

Group Discounts

Qualified member stations receive a discounted annual rate to participate in SoundExchange reporting via NPR Member Partnership. Additional savings are available from vendors such as Beehive Insurance, Spinitron, Barix, and more.

Peer to Peer Learning

From video meetups to email lists, NFCB members have access to experienced mentors and fellow station leaders to provide essential support and expand your knowledge.

Solution Center

Our knowledge base features NFCB’s Public Radio Legal Handbook and Underwriting Guide to help you navigate federal regulations, and resources,  templates, tools and best practices that will move the dial at your station!


Bimonthly webinars provide expertise, crucial training, and professional development opportunities for your station on a variety of content, revenue, engagement, and organizational capacity topics.

NFCB is invested in your success, and we have a long history of supporting community stations of all sizes.

Community media is much stronger when we work together and NFCB provides an essential nexus for that to happen. NFCB’s tiered membership structure is designed to keep the size and resources of your station in mind so that our services are affordable.


Your Annual Budget Annual Dues
Less than $50,000 $500
$50,000-99,000 $1,000
$100,000-149,000 $1,500
$150,000-199,000 $2,000
$200,000-299,000 $2,500
$300,000-499,000 $3,500
More than $500,000 $4,000

Membership dues renewal policy

Don’t go it alone! Invest in the health of your organization by investing in an NFCB membership.  Reach out today and start enjoying the benefits of membership and a national network of peers.

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