NFCB provides the most complete support available to community radio, and has a long history of supporting community stations of all sizes. Joining NFCB gives you an opportunity to deepen your organization’s success, and to be part of a wider group of stations.

  • Member Discounts. NFCB offers a wide array of exclusive savings on goods and services that are crucial for stations’ success, including a discounted annual rate for reporting your station’s internet streaming data to SoundExchange via NPR Digital Services
  • Education & Training. Stay current or learn new skills and help your station’s best contributors develop their talents through NFCB’s comprehensive webinars, in-person gatherings and updates.
  • Solution Center. NFCB’s Solution Center is a members-only area that offers hundreds of resources, including answers to underwriting, legal, content, revenue and other questions; manuals, handbooks, templates and checklists; and much more.
  • Peer-to-Peer Exchange. You’ll connect with extraordinary leaders and experts nationwide as part of your membership. Your community media peers can offer valuable insight and share their knowledge in many areas.
  • Station Support. From sharing grant leads and growth opportunities to promoting your efforts, and talking you through complex issues, NFCB fills in the overlooked areas stations need most. Site visits, consulting, facilitation and other services are also available.
  • Advocacy & Representation. Whether it is content distributors, funders, or national advocacy organizations, NFCB ensures that the needs, issues, and experiences of our members are represented in the larger national conversation.

Member Dues

Membership is an investment in your organization. NFCB’s tiered membership structure is designed to keep the size and resources of your station in mind so that our services are affordable.

NFCB is invested in your success, and we have a long history of supporting community stations of all sizes. Community media is much stronger when we work together. Please get in touch today to learn more about membership.

Your Annual Budget Annual Dues
Less than $50,000 $500
$50,000-99,000 $1,000
$100,000-149,000 $1,500
$150,000-199,000 $2,000
$200,000-299,000 $2,500
$300,000-499,000 $3,500
More than $500,000 $4,000

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