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There is no such thing as an ordinary person or an ordinary community. Every one of us, every city and every town has a story to share. Community media organizations are intricately connected to communities from coast to coast and around the world. Such geographic, cultural and historical diversity is our strength. Joining NFCB gives you an opportunity to deepen your organization’s success, and to be part of a wider group of stations.


2017’s ambitious agenda is made possible by member stations. With your investment of membership dues, NFCB’s dynamic staff team is expecting one of our most successful years ever. We couldn’t say that without being able to build on significant successes from 2016, including:



Membership is an investment in your organization. Many stations have very limited training and staff development budgets. Paying for legal compliance information (or paying fines for being out of compliance), manuals, advice and online learning are expensive. NFCB offers the most affordable option for organizations wanting to get the guidance they need.

NFCB helps member stations engage audiences, from small urban markets, rural areas, Native American, Latino, and African American populations. NFCB can even help with your budget development, financial statements and preparing for an audit, as well as strategic planning, running capital campaigns and human resource management. For more information about membership, fill out your information in the form below, and we’ll contact you.

Your Annual Budget Annual Dues
Less than $50,000 $500
$50,000-99,000 $1,000
$100,000-149,000 $1,500
$150,000-199,000 $2,000
$200,000-299,000 $2,500
$300,000-499,000 $3,500
More than $500,000 $4,000