“As our national organization, NFCB represents stations on major issues with CPB, the FCC and other national institutions. NFCB inspires and encourages its member stations as we work hard to serve our local communities. And it introduces station best practices for us all to consider and learn from.”

Jo Anne Wallace, General Manager (retiring), KQED, California

“In an era where media organizations and professionals are being attacked and the idea of factually-based news and information is questioned, the mission and public service of community broadcasters is more relevant than ever. Community broadcasting unites marginalized communities, amplifies a diversity of voices and represents values-based media. I feel confident navigating the future for my community radio station with NFCB supporting me and providing my staff with resources and constant support. The work NFCB does is essential and I’m grateful for all they do to keep community radio thriving.”

Tristin Tabish, General Manager, KRCL, Utah

“For a small, underfunded LPFM station like us, NFCB is our advisor, consultant, mentor and sometimes legal counsel. And, the Solution Center provides more than many webinars or conferences that people pay to attend. Being able to query colleagues around the country on everything from which equipment to buy to how to solve difficult situations brings us unity and inspiration as well as good practical solutions. Membership is THE best buy there is!”

Sharon Maeda, Station Manager, KVRU-LP, Washington

“In my 11 years at WMPG, I have found the information, inspiration, and community in NFCB invaluable. A lifesaver in times of challenge…A spark for new ideas in times of change…A place to go for help when we need advice. And the cherished community of shared mission. I am grateful for the work of the NFCB, which builds an excellent platform of information and support of many kinds for community radio. Thanks, NFCB!”

Dale Robin Goodman, Development Director, WMPG, Maine

“KIDE-Hoopa has been an NFCB member since the early 1990s. Being a rural Native community that never owned a radio station, but listened to commercial radio I found operating a station difficult because I had no one with any radio media experience to talk with. NFCB filled this void with national conferences, regional summits and the very valuable NFCB listserve. The most meaningful value is the ability to measure our success in the company of many other community stations who are so willing to share ideas, experiences, skills and contacts. NFCB is not just a membership organization, it is a mentor-ship organization.”

Joseph Orozco, General Manager, KIDE, California

“As a relatively new Program Director of a community radio station, I’ve found NFCB to be a particularly valuable resource. I’ve benefited from consulting NFCB’s on-line resources, from participating on the NFCB forum, from having NFCB staff available to personally answer my queries, and from attending an NFCB regional conference.”

Steve Hoffman, Program Director, WOWD-LP, Maryland

“Much like a diamond, NFCB is multifaceted, spirited, and brilliant. NFCB is a community. A community where the voices of diversity can be heard at the table of broadcast public investment. NFCB is the home of universal access and public engagement for underserved communities. And, NFCB is a community square where our collective democracy can remain resilient, robust, strong, and healthy for all peoples. Native Public Media, appreciates the decades of partnership and service NFCB provides to community media, including Native radio.”

Loris Taylor, President & CEO, Native Public Media

“I stepped into the role of GM for our small LPFM station 2 years ago, and I really can’t tell you how much I’ve relied upon NFCB and its staff.  The Solution Center is a valuable resource full of templates, policy help and guidelines that I’m constantly referring to as we continue to develop new policies and guidelines here for our volunteer programmed station.  Navigating the FCC can be challenging, but Ernesto, Sally, and Gretchen have always made themselves available to me to answer questions or help me navigate an opinion of any scenario that I think may be of concern.  That alone is worth the annual membership fee.  But NFCB is so much more.  It’s a community of other like minded stations and people who have varying levels of experience, knowledge, and passion for community radio and being a member of that group is encouraging and supportive.  It feels much like the family we have created here at our member station and the community we serve.  The annual meeting is a must-attend for our station for those networking and learning opportunities, but also for the necessary encouragement it provides to go back home and continue to make an impact in our community.”

K. P. Whaley, General Manager, AshevilleFM



NFCB provides the most complete support available to community radio, and has a long history of supporting community stations of all sizes. Joining NFCB gives you an opportunity to deepen your organization’s success, and to be part of a wider group of stations.

Membership is an investment in your organization. NFCB’s tiered membership structure is designed to keep the size and resources of your station in mind so that our services are affordable.

NFCB is invested in your success, and we have a long history of supporting community stations of all sizes. Community media is much stronger when we work together. Please get in touch today to learn more about membership.

Your Annual Budget Annual Dues
Less than $50,000 $500
$50,000-99,000 $1,000
$100,000-149,000 $1,500
$150,000-199,000 $2,000
$200,000-299,000 $2,500
$300,000-499,000 $3,500
More than $500,000 $4,000


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