Basic Templates for Your Station’s Underwriting Program

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Basic Templates for Your Station’s Underwriting Program

The attached documents provide basic templates that can be customized and used to establish or build up your station’s underwriting program.

  • “Underwriting Agreement Insertion Order Template” provides the framework for establishing an agreement between the station and an underwriter that defines the terms and provisions for producing and broadcasting an underwriting package.
  • “Underwriting Rate Sheet Template” provides the cost details for various underwriting packages available from your station. This template is geared for a station that has a music and news format (modify as needed for your station).
  • “Underwriting Scheduling Form Template” provides a basic worksheet for scheduling all of the underwriting spots in a package. If your station uses traffic software, the program will generate this document automatically.

In addition, a PDF of a “Prospective Underwriter One Sheet” is provided as an example of a one-page marketing piece to hand out to prospective underwriters.

NOTE: The attached Word documents are designed to be downloaded and modified to fit your station’s particular requirements. Areas highlighted in yellow are designed for specified information to be added that replaces the highlighted words (additional notes or directions highlighted in yellow may be deleted). Additional modification in un-highlighted areas may be required, as per your station’s needs.


Download “Underwriting Agreement Insertion Order Template” UWAgreement_InsertionOrder_Template.doc – Downloaded 34 times – 49 KB

Download “Underwriting Rate Sheet Template” UW_RateSheet_Template.docx – Downloaded 33 times – 22 KB

Download “Underwriting Scheduling Form Template” UW_SchedulingForm_Template.docx – Downloaded 28 times – 14 KB

Download “Prospective Underwriter One Sheet” ProspectiveUW_OneSheet_Example.pdf – Downloaded 26 times – 998 KB

This information is provided by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. Appreciation goes to KVNF Community Radio for sharing their Underwriter One Sheet.

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