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There are many ways community media organizations and the public can get involved in defending public media’s essential role in a democratic, informed society. One direct way is for citizens to share with their legislators how importance stations are to communities.

Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500


  • Be courteous and friendly.
  • Be direct: Americans want non-commercial media to be preserved and expanded.
  • Tell your personal story: why does community media matter to you?
  • If you voted for this person, say so.
  • Encourage friends, family, associates and audiences to participate.
  • When visiting, ask to see your representative, or the regional director, if your representative isn’t there. Be patient and pleasant, but firm in your request.
  • Make notes afterward about the response you received.

Community media organizations — from low-power FM to community radio stations coast to coast — play a vital role in America. NFCB speaks out in support of community media and the importance of public funding to this precious public/private partnership. We encourage all Americans to be engaged in the story of community media and to share why it is important.

Community Station Toolkit

Help shape your station’s message with context:
Talking Points and FAQ

On-air public service announcement scripts:
Radio scripts

Schedule out a series of social media messages to educate about your station and its value:
Sample social media schedule

Use social media to make the point visually:
Sample social media images

Use a sample email to constituents:
Action alert sample script

In addition, you can make your own local postcards to distribute in your city or town, educating about the importance of CPB:
Printable postcards for representatives

Teach listeners about the importance of communicating your local value with policymakers:
Congressional addresses

Since 1978, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters has acted in the interests of community radio. We illustrate its importance to America’s diverse communities. Our advocacy work includes:

  • Educating the public about community media. Community radio boosts cities and towns across the United States, by bringing music, ideas, culture and the arts to life. These media organizations contribute to local economies, creating jobs and improving commerce. In addition, public media serves a critical role as part of the nationwide Emergency Alert System, passing on advisories and information to the public in times of disaster or emergency.
  • Defending public funding for educational media. Educational media was funded through the Communications Act that President Johnson signed in 1967. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting serves an essential role, about which NFCB works with Protect My Public Media and others to teach all Americans.
  • Community Counts Coalition. Spearheaded by NFCB in alliance with partner organizations, the coalition was formed to bring the collective community media voice to local and national policy tables; to maintain and expand Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding for community media organizations, and to convey the importance of cultural and regional diversity in media.
  • Speaking on issues of importance to community media. NFCB lends its voice to a variety of matters that are relevant to community media organizations.