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About NFCB

NFCB is committed to enhancing collective impact in the field of community media and leading initiatives that contribute to innovation in public media’s service. NFCB provides customized services that optimize organizational capacity and help stations navigate change.

Founded in 1975, NFCB is the oldest and largest national organization dedicated to community stations within the public media system. Our core services include: education and training; advocacy and representation; consulting; and facilitating peer-to-peer exchange through our listserv, strategic initiatives, and national conference.


NFCB provides customized and innovative services that optimize community media’s capacity to serve their communities and engage them in their service.


A nation informed and entertained by a robust local media service that values the citizen above the consumer, strengthens our democracy, supports creative expression, and contributes to the health of the communities it serves.

What is Important to Us

Our Values


NFCB supports media service that is largely created and supported by people who live there. In order to build community that is healthy and resilient, deep ties to a particular place or region are not only required but advantageous.


NFCB works to create a positive vision for the future of community media and strives to inspire member stations to engage and contribute to that vision.

Collective Impact

NFCB believes that structured collaborative effort across public, private, and nonprofit sectors leverages community media’s ability to achieve significant and lasting social change.


NFCB maintains that fairness and justice depend on acknowledging social and historical context. The public service that community media provides must reflect that awareness in its structure and in the implementation of organizational policy.


NFCB advocates for actions and media content that affirm the belief that people value a sense of belonging that is characterized by dignified acceptance. Communities are stronger when this shared value is manifest in the culture of the organizations that serve it.

NFCB's Strategic Imperatives


Facilitate Social Interactions


Build a Learning Network


Leverage and Steward Available Assets


Mobilize a Resilience Team