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NFCB serves locally based and locally focused broadcast media organizations by providing services that advance their impact. Founded in 1978, NFCB is the oldest and largest national organization dedicated to community stations within the public media system. The public service that our member stations provide is distinctive, so are the customized services that we provide them.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters transforms America’s public media system by strengthening its network of connectivity. Since 1978, NFCB has been rooted in the idea that our communities are rich in connections and diversity.  

NFCB champions the value that the public media system network is only strong when it connects the whole country. At NFCB, we believe that our nation is much more than red states and blue states. Rather, it is a tapestry of diverse expressions of individual and collective values and practices. Public media provides universal access to information, ideas, art and culture so that the fabric of our society can truly express its depth and fullness.

Within that context, Community media organizations provide a grassroots portal for engaging constituencies and perspectives that are not served by mainstream media outlets to the same degree as large urban centers.

From conferences to digital services to one-on-one support, NFCB is dedicated to strengthening robust, local media in every community no matter what its size, where its location, or what income level people are living on.

The primary services NFCB provides are:

  • Our national Community Media Conference
  • Quality webinars every other month
  • Information loaded newsletters
  • A listserve and blog
  • A website with a searchable online knowledge base and resource area
  • Phone consultation on demand
  • Customized station based consulting (fee for service)
  • Regular updates on policy, trends, and industry data

NFCB is committed to being innovative and effective with the goal of facilitating collective impact in the field of community media to achieve greater public service and strengthen financial sustainability.


Since 1975, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters has been central to the community-inspired non-commercial media ecosystem. Read about our history


From teaching best practices to sharing a more diverse, engaged vision for media, we’ve recognized those devoted to taking radio into the future. See our awards


NFCB has had a long history of helping projects and initiatives get going in community radio circles. Examples of the projects we have gotten behind and helped to launch are Native Public Media, The Latino Public Radio Consortium, and the African-American Radio Station Project. NFCB has also taken an active role in assisting interested LPFM stations as they build new organizations from the ground up.

2016 NFCB Membership Meeting



NFCB provides services that advance public media organizations to best serve their communities.



A nation informed and entertained by robust, local media that provide significant public service.



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