NFCB was founded in 1978 to advocate for and provide direct services to community broadcasters. There are nearly 200 member stations in its network across the United States. A board of directors governs NFCB and its primary revenue source is membership dues.

In addition to providing a set of core services to its members, NFCB has incubated public media organizations to serve specific constituencies. Currently, these include the Latino Public Radio Consortium (LPRC) and Native Public Media (NPM).

The primary services NFCB provides are:

  • Our National Community Media Conference
  • Quality Webinars every other month
  • Information loaded newsletters
  • A listserve and blog
  • A website with a searchable online knowledge base and resource area
  • Phone consultation on demand
  • Customized station based consulting (fee for service)
  • Regular updates on policy, trends, and industry data


Mission Statement
NFCB provides services that advance public media organizations to best serve their communities.

A nation informed and entertained by robust, local media that provide significant public service.

Core Values 
Collective Impact, Diversity, Excellence, Leadership, Localism

NFCB is committed to being innovative and effective with the goal of facilitating collective impact in the field of community media to achieve greater public service and strengthen financial sustainability.

NFCB is the oldest and largest organization serving community-based broadcasters that work in both urban and rural areas, among communities of color, and within populations that are generally underserved by larger media organizations.

 The public broadcasting system has grown since its inception to include a public infrastructure that community media organizations struggle to navigate alone. NFCB functions as a central supportive resource.

Americans have made a significant investment in an infrastructure that provides free and universal access to basic information services, news, art, culture, and education. NFCB works to ensure that this investment thrives in every community no matter what its size or composition.

Authentic local journalism is rooted in connection to community. Local street-level arts and music are the threads that make up the cultural fabric of a community. NFCB helps stations build capacity for producing local content that both enhances the community and links that community to larger regional and national audiences.