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This month, NFCB hosts its unconference, Wish You Were Here. The virtual event is 2021’s edition of our community media convergence, a long-running commitment to education for nonprofit radio stations focused on local news and culture.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyday life for all Americans. In-person gatherings like NFCB’s community media conference are no exception. A variety of venue and safety considerations last year — when conferences are typically mapped out — and into the current year pushed NFCB to reimagine this signature gathering. Today, our agenda gives participants plenty of time to get your work done, and to be fully present for conversations relevant to stations everywhere.

If you are with an NFCB member station, the possibilities at this conference are endless. Among the conference highlights for members include a 90-minute deep dive into inclusive leadership with Minal Bopaiah; a legal roundtable to address stations’ biggest questions; and a conversation on crowdfunding for community radio. You can see the full list of sessions here.

And even if you are not with a member station, there are several public sessions to attend, including a presentation on the full-power noncommercial radio application window happening in November.

Anyone with questions about the conference is encouraged to contact NFCB. We look forward to welcoming you to Wish You Were Here starting July 7.