Wish You Were Here 2021 Unconference

Throughout the month of July, NFCB will host events as part of Wish You Were Here. The virtual gathering will feature keynotes available at no cost to anyone who is interested in attending. NFCB will also host members-only breakout sessions on particular topics of interest.

NFCB’s 2021 program will be focused on four areas:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion – building on NFCB’s legacy of commitment to accountability;
  • Mis/Disinformation – empowering stations and media organizers to help their audiences identify falsehoods that poison community cohesion;
  • Polarization – equipping stations to take on divides in their communities; and
  • Wellness and Mental Health – supporting you in making the well-being of staff and volunteers a priority.

Event keynotes are open to the public, but exclusive sessions will be held for NFCB member stations. Find all member event registration links in the Solution Center. (login required)

Session I: Wise Warriorship: How to Advance DEIJ in a Complex World

July 7 at 1 ET
What is your role in advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice? And can you keep it up? In this 90-minute talk, author and Brevity & Wit founder Minal Bopaiah discusses the importance of wisdom for anyone committed to this work. Discover how to be a nonpartisan warrior for DEIJ in public media, the benefits of a warrior lifestyle, and the three qualities you need to cultivate to have the energy to pursue this work. Drawing on her heritage, personal sheroes, and social science, Minal helps individuals and organizations identify the unique contribution they have to make to creating a more equitable, inclusive, and just world.

Session II: Confronting Vaccine Dis- & Misinformation

July 13 at 4 ET
Partisan political battles are still raging nationwide. COVID-19 conspiracy theories, false information about vaccinations, and weaponized social media are deepening divisions and creating confusion in cities and towns everywhere. What are the foundations of such beliefs, and how can media help address the underlying issues?

Session III: When Every Day is a Mental Health Day

July 15 at 4 ET
As the boundaries between home and career, the personal and professional dissipate, leaders have the opportunity—and the responsibility—to create a safe space for people to bring their whole selves to the work they do. Karen Hawkins, co-editor-in-chief of the Chicago Reader, will offer suggestions for leading with compassion, how to make boundary-setting safe, and being OK with not being OK. 

Session IV: Polarization in Communities

July 21 at 4 ET

Although it seemed like the story of 2020, polarization in America has endured for decades. How can media makers better understand the divides?

NFCB welcomes your feedback on speakers, breakout facilitators and moderators. Please contact us with your ideas.

Since many stations could be limited in their ability to participate in in-person events, due to financial or health concerns, we’ll convene online this summer with the vision of 2022 allowing us to gather in person once again.

2019 Conference

The 2019 Community Media Conference ended June 20, 2019. NFCB wishes to thank the hundreds of attendees who came from across the United States to join colleagues in San Diego. In addition, NFCB wishes to thank Community Media Conference sponsors and exhibitors.

Visit the #NFCB19 hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for conference highlights.

A 2019 Conference Video