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Every community radio station has a board of directors. These stakeholders can enhance your station’s presence in the community, bring essential knowledge and create revenue opportunities, as well as be a vital part of your future. What is the secret to building an effective board? How do you attract the talented people your station needs on its board? And how do you foster strong relationships with your board to address a station’s short- and long-term needs?

NFCB’s September webinar helps member stations look at the art and science of nonprofit governance. NFCB CEO Sally Kane brings her years of experience in navigating board challenges and helping directors do their best work. She will show you ways station leaders can best involve your board.

This will be an important conversation for every station, no matter your size. Join us to talk great governance, and how to get there.

This webinar is available as a service to NFCB member stations. If your station has not received an invitation yet, please contact us now to get one. If your station is not yet a member, you can join now.