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You only have a few days left for your best deal.

The early bird deadline for the 2017 Community Media Conference is coming up. This means the lowest conference rate available is set to expire.

This year’s conference features powerful keynotes, intensives, learning opportunities and networking. You get time to talk with lawyers and ask questions pertinent to your station; to learn from fundraising and engagement experts about how to better your station and make its future brighter; and participate in many training and resource learning conversations that simply don’t come to many cities and towns, and cost far more than a conference registration. You can view the full schedule here.

Early bird registrants receive a discount on registrations until May 15. That means you’ve got (just over) two weeks to do it. Discounted hotel rates are also going away soon as well.

If you’re registering for the conference, staying at the conference hotel is recommended for a few key reasons.

  • Being on premises for the whole event keeps everyone focused. You and others who come are less likely to get distracted by something happening nearby, and possibly miss sessions. You’ll thus get more out of the conference you’ve invested in to attend.
  • Simplicity. The conference and breakfast (included with your room) are downstairs from your room. This means you can sleep in a little; don’t have to worry about finding and paying for breakfast; don’t have to contend with traffic, Uber/Lyft/rental car (which are extra money), rain or unexpected problems being offsite; can go upstairs to drop off handouts, business cards, your laptop or whatever you’re carrying when you get tired; and don’t have to worry about a long trek after a big conference day or late-night hangout.
  • Access to people. With so many attendees and speakers at the conference hotel, it’s just easier to connect with people you want to meet.

Conference registration is here:

Hotel registration is here:

Early bird registration ends May 15.

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