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Recent events have become flashpoints for a new national conversation about race and power. Such are not unfamiliar issues for community and public media, which have had recent scandals in organizations of all sizes.

Beyond the headlines in community and public media are consistent tensions over culture and content. Ultimately, we desire a climate that supports every diverse new leader, producer, volunteer and stakeholder to fully contribute to media and society.

What can be done? Just as importantly, what IS being done to effectively address diversity, equity and inclusion? What have we learned so far? And how can rural communities, where populations may be older and white, adopt effective models to reflect more of what our shared future will be?

NFCB recently hosted a panel discussion on this issue. You can view it now on our Events page.

In addition, NFCB is pleased to make available a new guidebook for community media on issues of diversity. Member stations can download it here from the Solution Center. Not a member? You can join now. Just contact NFCB.