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Is your community radio station contending with its music library? NFCB can help.

Today, NFCB will host its monthly Office Hours discussion, a service for member stations to help address issues facing organizations. This month, we’ll visit about how stations are dealing with the switch from compact discs to digital delivery of music. More and more, CD players are being discontinued, music labels are switching to digital only, and DJs are tending to go less with CDs and more to MP3, FLAC, WAV and other files. We’ll talk with stations about questions, metadata and other issues.

At the upcoming Community Media Conference, we’ll have a session and a working group on the related issues. You’re encouraged to register today to attend these events.

Your community radio station can benefit from these conversations. Come to Denver to work with other stations and NFCB and develop the standards you need to leap into the future.

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