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There are many reasons to donate to community radio.

Many community radio stations are in, have just concluded, or are about to start their fundraising campaigns. Whether you are a listener to a station that is in pledge drive or just ended one, or perhaps will soon start, there are many reasons to support community radio.

During this moment in the country, where important debates shape the nation for generations to come, your local station offers help in understanding the issues of the day. Whether it is terrorism, the economy, healthcare, climate change or culture, your station gives you a fresh and truly local perspective on matters you care about. Community radio is part of your menu of information to help you be a better citizen and local resident.

Music is becoming more splintered. At no other time has it been simultaneously easy to find diverse music and yet so hard to hear the best quality content. Community radio does not depend on algorithms. Instead it is human curated and responsive to listeners. Real DJs sift through all the releases and find the best stuff to entertain you. You become a more informed music fan and save time too.

In addition, stations provide a community service during disasters and crises, airing emergency information. Consider how valuable communication is during these calamities. Your support ensures stations can fill an important need.

Listeners get great things from community radio, and your donation boosts a necessary discourse in your city. You get an on-air town hall, providing opportunities for area nonprofits you care about. You get programming free of sensationalism. Community radio is a great investment.

One of the ways your local station pays for its operations and programming, and keeps it free, is through financial contributions of all sizes. Your tax-deductible donation keeps stations able to provide the programming you enjoy and the place for educational media alive.

Support your local station today with a contribution.

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