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Administration Track Sessions

By May 19, 2016September 20th, 2017Industry News

CSG Program Changes and Compliance Issues

Compliance has never been more important for public broadcasters as CPB intensifies its efforts to ensure stations adhere to all CSG requirements. Within the past year, CPB has issued an amended Non-Compliance Policy and new Certification Guidelines as well as revisions to the Television and Radio CSG General Provisions. This session will cover common Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) audit findings, an update of recent OIG audit reports, and basic steps stations should take to meet CPB’s minimum compliance requirements. The presentation will also include questions that stations frequently ask about CPB-related compliance matters. This topic has become increasingly important because CPB regularly issues CSG forfeitures when an OIG audit finds non-compliance with CSG terms or errant NFFS reporting.


Volunteer Communication Strategies: Why Do They DO That?

Community media organizations are often challenged by complicated communication dynamics, but it just doesn’t have to be that way. Many stations have overcome the competing forces that can bring us down by changing the psychological dynamics of communication styles and the organizational culture that effects them. Learn the strategies and techniques that work to make your station run more smoothly.


Can We Say That? Underwriting Legal Review

Join our panel of attorneys to get answers to all your questions about underwriting. Topics will include: general and language restrictions, differences in nonprofit and for profit entities, political candidates, political issues, event promotion, fines and developing station policies. The panel will also do an overview of contest/lottery/raffle rules.


Legal Updates Roundtable

Can we do that? What happens if…? This is one of our most popular sessions. Join our panel of attorneys as they tackle topics including: political broadcasting and election season refresher, copyright, EEO policies and reporting, obscenity, indecency and profanity, payola and plugola, preparing FCC ownership reports and moving the public file online.


Nonprofits and Risk Management

As if cranking out programming around the clock wasn’t enough! You’re taking care of a nonprofit organization and there is more to that than having a policy manual or a set of bylaws. Understanding and managing an array of risks is much more than finding the right insurance. There are things you can do to reduce your risks, lower your premiums, and reduce the stress of the unknown. Learn the basics from an insurance professional in this information loaded session.


Good Governance for Nonprofits

Governance is an essential function that makes or breaks the culture and stability of our stations. Whether your station is governed by a nonprofit board, government agency, Tribal council or is part of a school or university, the way we govern affects everything. This session will take a look at governance best practices in areas such as: board recruitment and development, leadership succession, board and staff roles, board training and engagement, transparency and much more. You will learn things that you can put into practice right away to help improve your station’s governance structure and contribute to a healthy communication ecosystem at the same time.



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