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There comes a time for many community radio station leaders to think about their next chapters. The best ones want to leave a station positioned to continue good work, and to do even better, when they’re gone. But how exactly does this transition happen?

November’s NFCB webinar looks at a topic every community radio station will experience, leadership change. When a community media organization loses its key people, the transition can be tough to weather. Sometimes a station’s identity is wrapped up in how this leader is perceived by the public, as well as how they shape the organization’s culture internally. Without a thoughtful and organized process for new leadership, even the most visionary station can be left floundering.

For this discussion, community radio veteran David Klann shares his insights on what is most integral for your station to create a thorough leadership transition plan. He will offer you practical tips to guide your team through this difficult but necessary path.

NFCB members can join us for a lively learning opportunity on successful leadership change for your organization.