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Your community radio station may experience a situation where you are being asked to move from your current location, or perhaps your station is expanding and a new home is necessary. What do you need to worry about? What should you file?

If the very thought of moving your entire station creates a lot of stress, join us for this webinar to take out some of the mystery and anxiety from moving your community radio studios. Our speaker is station manager and NFCB Board Treasurer Nathan Moore. His station, WTJU, recently moved from its campus location to a completely new building, and he lived to tell the tale. This webinar is less ‘learn how to raise money to move’ and more ‘know what you don’t know about moving your station.’

Get a ton of practical tips, things to ask and look out for, and ways to make your station move as easy as possible.

This webinar is available for NFCB member stations. If your station needs an invitation, please contact us today.