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Visiting KDHX in Saint Louis

By March 11, 2014September 20th, 2017Industry News

Now here is a smile that takes along cold winter to create.

Beverly Hacker, fearless transformational leader of KDHX, celebrates the first warm spring day in Saint Louis by taking her bike out for a spin. KDHX has an inspiring new building, the Larry J Weir Center for Independent Media, at 3524 Washington Avenue in the heart of the Grand Center Arts District.

Here is a beefy mission statement for you:

The mission of KDHX is to build community through media, with diverse and independent voices that enrich the perspectives of our audiences.  We promote civic and cultural participation by providing the tools, technology, and training vital to informed, creative expression.

I’m here sorting through boxes of NFCB records and consolidating things. Beverly serves as NFCB’s Board Treasurer. She ¬†recently saw NFCB through it’s annual audit and is a constant source of knowledge and know how for me. I am absorbing lots of information about the history of NFCB while I regroup our archives and take care of the paper trail that managing a national organization requires. Thanks to Beverly, NFCB has migrated most of our operation to the cloud so shlepping boxes of paper is getting less and less onerous. Between Quickbooks online, salesforce, and our new website we have really lightened the load on the need for a physical office. Saving money on overhead allows me to focus on advocacy and to show up at the NFCB member stations around the country (like KDHX) who are doing such great work in their communities. I’ve know for many years that community radio people are the keepers of the stories in the communities we serve but I am learning on the job that the story of community radio itself is a keeper!

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