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What makes an underwriting spot that is legally permissible?

Many community radio stations depend on underwriting. On a few occasions, there can be puzzles related to legal underwriting language.

For simplicity’s sake, you need a few basic elements. You are virtually always in the clear with the name of the underwriter and the underwriter’s contact detail, such as physical address, phone number and/or website. Saying what the underwriter’s services are is generally okay as well, so long as you are careful about terms that are comparative, promotional and the like.

Prices and calls to action are disallowed. Offering discounts is also not permitted either.

NFCB member stations have available an Underwriting Guide for the more complicated questions, such as taglines and slogans; nonprofit fundraisers; and other topics that frequently come up for underwriting staff in community radio.

If you are not an NFCB member station, you are encouraged to join today. If you are already a member, you can access underwriting tips and information in the Solution Center.

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