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Think travel to the 2017 Community Media Conference is out of reach? Think again.

If you’ve been thinking about the annual NFCB conference and aren’t sure about budget, there are many ways to get there inexpensively.

Whether it is bus or airline, you’re now in what is considered the ideal window for the best travel rates. Three weeks from travel has been traditionally associated with lower prices. New studies indicate travel booking a little before that can also be good.

There are also many strategies for flights, including planning to use discount airlines, adding in stops to see other areas and trim costs, and using an airfare website to find the lowest price.

To shave a bit off your registration, Radio Survivor’s podcast is offering a discount code as well.

Before deciding you can’t afford travel, it’s important to remember that conferences are education. They are an investment in your community and in your station. You’ll take from a conference lots of contacts, people to help you, and notes that you can share with others at your station. Register today to attend #NFCB17.

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