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Photo by Gavin Whitner

A recent radio event may inspire you to connect with listeners.

Boston’s WBUR just hosted its On Stage event. The premise is simple: journalists and beloved hosts step to the microphone in a venue and talk about their funniest, most poignant stories that came while creating the programming audiences enjoy.

Events like this may get you thinking about your community radio station. Surely, there are many volunteers who have fascinating life stories, or who have compelling family histories that would captivate people. Gatherings like this also foster deeper relationships with your donors and potential donors, as well as making your station most relatable. How might your community radio station introduce itself with a live show like this?

An event of this type is risky of course. What if people do not come? What if the story is not that good? But experimenting provides many opportunities that doing nothing just does not.

NFCB provides in its Solution Center many engagement materials. The Solution Center is part of your station’s membership. And, if your station isn’t involved with NFCB, you can join today.

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