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The 2019 conference is getting closer. One of our best features is the conference intensives.

Want to sharpen your sound and production? The Painting Pictures With Sound intensive with veteran journalist Dale Willman is your jam. This intensive will take you through the formulation of immersive stories and how to structure and edit them. Because this is such an involved instructional, attendees will have an additional hour with Dale. If you’re in news, hope to up your podcast game, or just want to learn techniques from an award-winning radio journalist, this intensive is for you.

Should you need help in fundraising, our intensive with Gwen Colwell is for you. As the times press your audience to give more in support of meaningful media, Gwen will help you understand ways to appeal to them and state your case effectively. Gwen is a renowned fundraiser with expertise in making big asks. Never asked for a major gift, or feel like you lack the approach to show just how much your station needs significant investment? You’ll work during this intensive on a scenario and get to craft your pitch and share it for live feedback. It’s the sort of development coaching from a seasoned pro you can’t get anywhere else.

And finally, we’ll have an intensive on one of community radio’s most requested subjects: human resources management. Many of you have good people skills, but how do you translate them into helping your station do its best work with its people, keeping your organization in legal safe waters, and attracting the best talent possible? Trainer Jeannie Smith has over 30 years of HR experience. She’ll lead you through successful HR strategies, making your station inclusive and how to evaluate and set good expectations. Chances are, if you are in community radio, you need what Jeannie will teach you, so consider signing up for this intensive.

You can register for the conference and any of these intensives here.


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