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Andrew Bock of TuneIn joins our panel to talk all things music industry.

Andrew Bock will be one of the panelists for “The Role of Community Media in the Music Industry”. This panel discussion will feature speakers from different parts of the music world to talk about the role community radio stations have played in promoting music, nurturing up-and-coming artists, navigating music rights, and live events.

Andrew Bock is the new Chief Industry Evangelist for TuneIn, the world’s leading live streaming service. Andrew has been with TuneIn for 9+ years, the radio/audio space for 20+ and in this new position, he “spreads the good news” about how TuneIn works with our partners democratizing access to our global catalog of amazing broadcaster and podcaster content. He also helps to grow audiences across new distribution channels and drive new revenue opportunities for all creators on the platform. TuneIn is reinventing radio for the connected world.