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As community broadcasters, we in cities and towns across America are called to act. Led by our missions, we help audiences to be safe during times of emergency, to find comfort in uncertain times, and to understand the world. While such priorities are always before us, 2020 and 2021 pushed community media as never before.

Community radio stations nationwide went right to work. We actively listened to residents. We sought to tell the stories of the communities impacted. We set goals to track what was happening. We created new programs and processes to do the best radio possible. NFCB’s recent white paper on stations’ COVID-19 response is but a snapshot of community media’s local action.

In July, NFCB will gather to share case studies, impart best practices and tell a story of community media that get rarely told.

The 2021 Wish You Were Here unconference brings station staff, board members and volunteers together with a constellation of thought leaders, media producers and trailblazers in areas of content, revenue, engagement and organizational capacity. You’ll learn about what is happening now, and how to respond in the interests of a better public media.

The conference kicks off July 7. See the full agenda, including free public keynotes and member-exclusive workshops at our conference page. For conference details, please contact NFCB today.