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Saturday Plenary: Focus on Engagement

By May 25, 2016September 20th, 2017Industry News

This is the third and final plenary for the conference bringing the big picture conversation of how our content drives the quality of our development efforts, and how both of those efforts make it possible to sow the seeds of engagement. What is engagement and how do we recognize it? What can we do as grassroots media organizations to be part of a powerful force that strengthens our democracy, empowers our communities, and inspires people to care? What is our role in expanding the human capacity for having a positive impact in the world around us? Our presenters are ‘walking the walk’ in their organizations, with innovative and effective engagement approaches that will help you clarify the difference you can make and why that matters.

To get more information on all of the activities on Saturday: see the conference schedule at a glance.

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