Growing Community Media

Since 1975, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters has been the organization for community radio stations. It has served as a mentor to new stations, a guide for existing stations and an advocate in spaces far beyond our signal areas.

NFCB membership provides your station tools to help your station to grow and prosper. It provides important legal updates, resources to raise money and best practices to assist station leaders and volunteers to be more effective and work smarter.

Membership is based on station size (see NFCB’s chart below). Our dues structure is affordable and gives you 24/7 all-year access to frequent updates of the changing community media landscape, downloads of critical documents and some of the boldest thinkers and brightest ideas. A few important benefits to stations:

  • From legal and underwriting handbooks in our member area to educational webinars, NFCB helps educate member stations about compliance issues, trends and initiatives you can apply to your own community radio station.
  • NFCB gives member stations quick access to expert guidance by keyword, 24 hours a day.
  • NFCB membership entitles stations to a variety of discounts and services to community radio stations around the United States. SoundExchange, Pop Up Archive transcription tools, streaming, Spinitron and gear are among the many resources member stations get at reduced rates as members.
  • NFCB member stations also have access to its essential email list. The NFCB email listserve a fantastic place to get advice from stations like yours, to ask colleagues how to deal with various questions, and learn about opportunities for your organization to do what it does even better and more effectively.
  • NFCB partners with media organizations to give member stations at seat at the table when it is time to understand the community radio space, its history and its needs.
  • NFCB’s annual conference comes to its member stations often at discounted rates. These in-person meetings give stations hands-on training, thought leadership and a connection to fresh ideas and innovations from others in the community radio space.

Here’s more about NFCB’s impact:


Community radio stations and producers are seeking ways to make the best radio, serve their diverse communities, and grow membership and audience. Your station’s membership with the National Federation of Community Broadcasters offers many opportunities for growth. NFCB’s 2017 webinar series includes topics like building local news capacity at your small station, making podcasting a part of your station’s culture, and telling effective stories about your community, to name just a few offerings. You have the opportunity to attend gatherings, such as our national conference, that help your community radio station staff, producers and board harness their talents and get inspired by the fascinating work being done across the United States and the world.

Your Annual Budget Annual Dues
Less than $50,000 $500
$50,000-99,000 $1,000
$100,000-149,000 $1,500
$150,000-199,000 $2,000
$200,000-299,000 $2,500
$300,000-499,000 $3,500
More than $500,000 $4,000

If you participate in the SoundExchange agreement or the Gargoyle flagging service, these are additional fees beyond your dues and will be added to your invoice. If you are interested in either of these services, please let us know.


Membership is an investment in your organization. Many stations have very limited training and staff development budgets. Paying for legal compliance information (or paying fines for being out of compliance), manuals, advice and online learning are expensive. NFCB offers the most affordable option for organizations wanting to get the guidance they need.

NFCB helps member stations engage audiences, from small urban markets, rural areas, Native American, Latino, and African American populations. NFCB can even help with your budget development, financial statements and preparing for an audit, as well as strategic planning, running capital campaigns and human resource management.

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