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NFCB Membership Renewal

NFCB’s tiered membership structure is based on a station’s annual budget and is designed to keep the size and resources of stations in mind so that NFCB’s services are affordable.

Membership renewal dues are invoiced on an annual basis and cover a calendar year (January-December). Renewals are sent to stations in the 4th quarter (generally in October) of the calendar year for the following year’s membership. Dues must be paid by December 31st in order for a station to maintain a continuing membership with access to NFCB services.

Member Payment Plans

NFCB will work with stations that request a payment plan for their annual dues by offering a mutually agreeable payment schedule. To establish a payment plan, please contact NFCB COO Gretchen Aston-Puckett ( or 970-279-3411) as soon as possible after receiving your membership renewal invoice. Stations with payment plans must have their dues paid in full by June 30 of the current membership year. 

If a station is participating in the special NFCB membership benefit of SoundExchange reporting via NPR Member Partnership, the first payment of a payment plan will include a portion of membership dues and the full amount of $275 for participation in the SoundExchange agreement. The same payment structure will apply for a station participating in GARgoyle Flagging Service.

Member Station Financial Hardship Policy

There are times when a member station may need relief from paying the full amount of annual membership dues to NFCB. Common reasons include major equipment failure, impact from a natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances. NFCB’s financial hardship policy allows a station to maintain its membership when it otherwise might not be feasible. A member station may petition NFCB to receive a reduced annual membership fee for one year of membership. 

To receive consideration, the station must send an email to NFCB COO Gretchen Aston-Puckett ( requesting dues relief and providing a brief explanation of the circumstances leading to the request. Approval of hardship discounts will be made on a case-by-case basis by NFCB staff.

If approved, the discounted member renewal rate will apply for one year of membership and will allow the station to maintain its membership status and associated benefits for the dues year in question. The member station will be notified of the decision no more than 30 days after receipt of the request.