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A new PwC study offers community radio both promise and peril.

Its new report is available in summary now. It forecasts media trends from this year through 2020. The Media Briefing assessed the findings with PwC’s Chris Lederer.

Some key findingsĀ out of the report, relevant to community radio:

Legacy media habits are about to take a nosedive. Here’s why community radio stations need to innovate and embrace new tools and platforms. PwC found (and stations are feeling during pledge drives) that audiences are gravitating to smartphone and laptop. TV is responding, after initially making offerings an add-on, by going multichannel and staying aggressive. Radio may enjoy listeners, but PwC says trends will put pressure on all of us.

Youth marches on internationally. Under-35 populations are growing worldwide. Much has been made of non-commercial radio’s aging audience. The growth of youth listening and online components, where such audiences are at, ought to be our priority.

Subscribers to PwC services can download the report in full.


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