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Can your station broadcast a debate where one side fails to show up? Can hosts endorse candidates on Facebook? Find that out and more.

We’ll answer all your political broadcasting questions with two of the best attorneys in the industry.

The presidential election is two months away, and NFCB is helping community radio stay in legal compliance with a political broadcasting webinar, scheduled for Sept. 13.

Guest presenters will be attorneys John Crippler and Brad Deutsch. They will tackle a variety of questions related to Federal Communications Commission and Federal Elections Commission compliance, non-profit status and your questions.

NFCB is soon entering its renewal period for member stations. It’s also a time when new stations join for 2017. The staff of NFCB is so confident in its services that we are making this webinar available to all community radio stations. It’s our encouragement to consider joining today.

You can register here now.

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