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The National Federation of Community Broadcasters wishes to extend a thank you to the community and to stations who participated in the June 9, 2020 nationwide radio tribute to mark the funeral of George Floyd.

Floyd’s death at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25 was captured on a now viral video. The incident sparked global protests and calls for changes in police procedures as well as wider discussions on racial justice.

You can read NFCB’s statement on Black Lives Matter and the death of George Floyd here.

At least 167 radio stations together played the Sam Cooke classic “A Change is Gonna Come” to remember Floyd and to help communities anguished by this and other cases that have received national attention.

This effort was remarkable in terms of the diversity and breadth of public and community radio stations that united in the first broadcast of its kind in generations. From massive public media organizations in America’s biggest cities to rural microbroadcasters, religious to secular stations, university and community licensees, radio stations at HBCUs, Tribal holdings, and in many languages, radio stations came together in a historic moment for our medium.

NFCB provided audio, scripts, social media messages and other support for participating stations. Live in-studio broadcasts captured the raw emotion of the day. Others, like this one from WELT in Indiana, brought together community voices.

Here is a sample of media coverage of the event and stations’ participation:

Updates are ongoing.

The final list of participating stations is as follows:

  1. KVRF, Palmer, AK
  2. KCAW, Sitka, AK
  3. KTNA, Talkeetna, AK
  4. WEUP, Huntsville, AL
  5. WVAS, Montgomery, AL
  6. KPSQ-LP, Fayetteville, AR
  7. KLEK, Jonesboro, AR
  8. KPGC-LP, Norman, AR
  9. KOHF-LP, Florence Community, AZ
  10. KWLP, Peach Springs, AZ
  11. KWSS, Phoenix, AZ
  12. KREE, Pirtleville-Douglas, AZ
  13. KWAK-LP, San Xavier Community, AZ
  14. KOHN, Sells, AZ
  15. KOHH, San Lucy, AZ
  16. KTQX, Bakersfield-Lamont, CA
  17. KPFA, Berkeley, CA
  18. KBPT-LP, Bishop, CA
  19. KERU, Blythe, CA
  20. KBCZ, Boulder Creek, CA
  21. KUBO, Calexico-El Centro, CA
  22. KHDC, Chualar-Salinas, CA
  23. KKUP, Cupertino, CA
  24. KDRT-LP, Davis, CA
  25. KSJV, Fresno, CA
  26. KIDE, Hoopa, CA
  27. KVUH, Laytonville, CA
  28. KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA
  29. KCRW, Los Angeles, CA
  30. KCBP, Modesto, CA
  31. KGCE-LP, Modesto, CA
  32. KMPO, Modesto-Stockton, CA
  33. KVMR, Nevada City, CA
  34. KPCA, Petaluma, CA
  35. KZYX, Philo, CA
  36. KPRI, Pala, CA
  37. KWMR, Port Reyes Station, CA
  38. KNQY, Quincy, CA
  39. KMUD, Redway, CA
  40. KNSJ-LP, San Diego, CA
  41. KCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
  42. KSQD, Santa Cruz, CA
  43. KHUI, Alamosa, CO
  44. KGNU, Boulder, CO
  45. KDNK, Carbondale, CO
  46. KYOL, Chama, CO
  47. KYBU, Covelo, CA
  48. KUVO, Denver, CO
  49. KVOQ, Denver, CO
  50. The Drop (KUVO-HD2), Denver, CO
  51. KDUR, Durango, CO
  52. KJAC, Fort Collins-Denver, CO
  53. KQTO, Hurley, CO
  54. KVNF, Paonia, CO
  55. KVMG, Raton, CO
  56. KLZR, Westcliffe, CO
  57. WPKN, Bridgeport, CT
  58. WWSX-LP, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  59. WMPH, Wilmington, DE
  60. WGOT-LP, Gainesville, FL
  61. WMNF, Tampa, FL
  62. WCLK, Atlanta, GA
  63. WRUU-LP, Savannah, GA
  64. KKCR, Kauai, HI
  65. KMNO, Maui, HI
  66. KWIT-HD3, Sioux City, IA
  67. KRBX, Boise, ID
  68. KBSX-HD3, Boise, ID
  69. KRFP, Moscow, ID
  70. WCXP-LP, Chicago, IL
  71. WFHB, Bloomington, IN
  72. WELT, Fort Wayne, IN
  73. WUKY, Lexington, KY
  74. WXOX, Louisville, KY
  75. WMMT, Whitesburg, KY
  76. WXDR-LP, New Orleans, LA
  77. WOMR, Provincetown, MA
  78. WCUW, Worcester, MA
  79. WHCP-LP, Cambridge, MD
  80. WOWD, Takoma Park, MD
  81. WBFY-LP, Belfast, ME
  82. WERU, Blue Hill, ME
  83. WYAR, Portland, ME
  84. WYCE, Grand Rapids, MI
  85. KUMD, Duluth, MN
  86. WTIP, Grand Marais, MN
  87. KBEM, Minneapolis, MN
  88. KFAI, Minneapolis, MN
  89. KUOM, Minneapolis, MN
  90. KBFT, Nett Lake, MN
  91. KVSC, St. Cloud, MN
  92. KOPN, Columbia, MO
  93. KTBG, Kansas City, MO
  94. KFGM-LP, Missoula, MT
  95. WSFM-LP, Asheville, NC
  96. WPVM-LP, Asheville, NC
  97. WUNC Music, Chapel Hill, NC
  98. WNCU, Durham, NC
  99. WMPM, Smithfield-Raleigh, NC
  100. WPRB, Princeton, NJ
  101. WEXT, Albany, NY
  102. WRFI, Ithaca, NY
  103. WJFF, Jeffersonville, NY
  104. WFUV, New York City, NY
  105. WKZE, Red Hook, NY
  106. KNVC, Carson City, NV
  107. KUNM, Albuquerque, NM
  108. KUPR-LP, Placitas, NM
  109. WAPS, Akron, OH
  110. WOMP-LP, Cambridge, OH
  111. WOHP-LP, Huntsville, OH
  112. WRPO, Russells Point, OH
  113. WKTL, Youngstown, OH
  114. KSKQ, Ashland, OR
  115. KMUN, Astoria, OR
  116. KPOV, Bend, OR
  117. KFFD LP, Beaverton, OR
  118. KCIW-LP, Brookings, OR
  119. KBOO, Portland, OR
  120. KFFP LP, Portland, OR
  121. KQAC, Portland, OR
  122. KXRY, Portland, OR
  123. OPB Music, Portland, OR
  124. KMUZ, Salem, OR
  125. KWSO, Warm Springs, OR
  126. KTUP, Williamette, OR
  127. WXPN, Philadelphia, PA
  128. WSSB, Orangeburg, SC
  129. WEVL, Memphis, TN
  130. WMOT, Nashville, TN
  131. WXNA, Nashville, TN
  132. KRZU, Batesville/Crystal City, TX
  133. KOOP, Austin, TX
  134. KUTX, Austin, TX
  135. KXT, Dallas, TX
  136. KUZU-LP, Denton, TX
  137. KTSU, Houston, TX
  138. KPAC, San Antonio, TX
  139. KUPR, San Antonio, TX
  140. KHEM, Zapata, TX
  141. KZMU, Moab, UT
  142. KRCL, Salt Lake City, UT
  143. KUAA-LP, Salt Lake City, UT
  144. WERA-LP, Arlington, VA
  145. WTJU, Charlottesville, VA
  146. WXTJ, Charlottesville, VA
  147. WCHG, Hot Springs, VA
  148. WVLS, Monterey, VA
  149. WRIR, Richmond, VA
  150. WRWK-LP, Richmond, VA
  151. WGDR, Plainfield, VT
  152. WFVR-LP, South Royalton, VT
  153. KPTZ, Port Townsend, WA
  154. KAOS, Olympia, WA
  155. KEXP, Seattle, WA
  156. KMGP-LP, Seattle, WA
  157. KVRU-LP, Seattle, WA
  158. KGHE, Montesano, WA
  159. KGHI, Westport, WA
  160. WORT, Madison, WI
  161. WYMS, Milwaukee, WI
  162. WXPR, Rhinelander, WI
  163. WVMR, Frost, WV
  164. WVMR, Hillsboro, WV
  165. WKYW-LP, Keyser, WV
  166. WDMT, Marlinton, WV
  167. WNMP, Marlinton, WV

The efforts of radio stations nationwide are appreciated by your communities. Your involvement will go down in history. NFCB wishes to extend our sincere and warm gratitude for your participation.

You are encouraged to keep up with NFCB via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Reddit as well as our newsletter for further updates.