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The Federal Communications Commission is making a change impacting you.

This year, the FCC has set the requirement that stations must move their public files, traditionally available in paper form at studios, onto the web. The online public file will replace the old rules. The FCC offers details here.

All required documents must be included in the online public file by March 1, but stations may choose to transition to the online public file system at any time before March 1. Stations that transition must upload all required documents to the file and comply with requirements going forward as of the date of its election.

You have to register here at the FCC’s portal to get started.

Full-power stations that have not yet transitioned to the online public file are required to make this transition by March 1. This is not a requirement for LPFMs.

With a member station? Please log in to the Solution Center for a wealth of resources, including a walkthrough webinar and checklist on this topic. Not with a member station? Get in touch about joining NFCB.

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