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The National Federation of Community Broadcasters is pleased to announce the addition of four members to its board of directors. They bring valued knowledge as station managers from community media organizations across the United States.

NFCB is pleased to welcome the following station leaders:

  • Amanda Eichstaedt, station manager/executive director, KWMR, Point Reyes Station, Calif.
  • Serah Mead, station manager, KZMU, Moab, Utah
  • Nathan Moore, general manager, WTJU, Charlottesville, Va.
  • Kerry Semrad, general manager, KZUM, Lincoln, Neb.

Mead and Moore were elected by membership, while Eichstaedt and Semrad are appointments. In addition, NFCB’s board has re-appointed Carl A’see and Darrah Blackwater to full terms. Both were filling the terms of previously departed board members Marcellus Shepard and Jenni Monet, respectively.

Julia Kumari Drapkin and board President Sonya Green will conclude their service at the end of 2020.

“NFCB begins a whole new chapter on its Board of Directors,” said NFCB CEO Sally Kane. “We were delighted to see a broad slate of talented candidates step up and we are thrilled to announce the winners: Serah Mead from KZMU in Moab and Nathan Moore from WTJU in Charlottesville for his second term. Kerry Semrad from KZUM in Lincoln and Amanda Eichstaedt from KWMR in Point Reyes were unanimously approved to fill two appointed seat vacancies. We are deeply grateful to our departing board members for their dedication and service. A sure sign of a healthy organization is lively interest in board service and we are so humbled to see that at NFCB.”

Officers elected for the 2021 cycle will be:

  • President: Nathan Moore
  • Vice President: Darrah Blackwater
  • Secretary: Colin Andrews

The NFCB board members’ terms begin in January, 2021.