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Community Media Day is coming, and NFCB wants you to be part of it.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters is part of a fantastic coalition of organizations, which include the Alliance for Community Media, BRIC/Brooklyn Free Speech and many others, organizing for Community Media Day, Oct. 20.

Community Media Day was founded in 2015 at BRIC in Brooklyn, New York. October 20 was chosen specifically because it falls during Free Speech Week, a yearly event to raise public awareness of the importance of free speech in our democracy, and to celebrate that freedom. As freedom of speech is a right all Americans share, this non-partisan, non-ideological event is intended to be a unifying celebration.

NFCB wants to share your video for Community Media Day on social media. Want to participate? Here’s how:

  1. Make a short — a minute or less — video with your phone, shot landscape (phone held on its side).
  2. Share your thoughts on community media, and mention Community Media Day.
  3. Send your video to

NFCB will share the best videos on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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