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NFCB’s new white paper addresses how community media should handle a new administration and opinions about it.

Community media is getting a variety of listener, volunteer, board member and donor opinions since the election of Donald Trump. How should stations respond? What are the rules pertaining to political speech? How should community media organizations serve their neighborhoods best?

“Community Radio’s New Horizon: Communicating Our Values in the Age of the Trump Administration” is a new NFCB white paper that explores these matters and more. From the white paper’s abstract:

The nation has a range of opinions about Donald Trump and the recent presidential election. These opinions have spilled out onto the streets, social platforms and broadcast media. Due to the nature of their licenses, those classified as non-commercial educational entities by the Federal Communications Commission are charged with a notable burden in use of the airwaves in a manner consistent with the law, as well as community standards. When emotions are high, organizations must respond with intelligence, strategic thinking and sensitivity.

The new white paper is being delivered next week. Efforts are made through the support of NFCB member stations. If your organization is not a member, you can join today.

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