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Community radio’s leader is speaking up on the White House’s federal budget, released May 23.

The administration introduced its Fiscal Year 2018 budget to Congress, which suggests the elimination of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It follows a battle in the spring to rescue public funding, which was accomplished in the omnibus spending bill.

NFCB issues the following statement on the proposed federal budget.

For over 40 years, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters has supported the work of community media organizations across America. These organizations connect both coasts with robust local media serving Native American, rural, Latino and underserved urban populations.  NFCB represents the interests of this rich cornucopia of voices because we believe that our diversity and our shared commitment to participatory democracy make our nation strong.

Word of a federal budget that ends America’s 50-year commitment to educational broadcasting is not only shortsighted, but also potentially devastating to the economies, culture and life of regions that need it most. Community radio stations present civic life, local news, the arts and much more. They provide learning opportunities for young people. They help lift up local industry and engage important conversations. Eliminating our commitment to an essential public service like this strikes a needless blow to the heart of our country. NFCB stands with communities nationwide who believe these cuts are a grave mistake that we will regret for generations.

NFCB will continue to advocate for and educate our citizens about the importance of continuing our enduring commitment to a public media service that has paid us back a thousand times over in changed lives, stronger communities and a healthier society. We refuse to imagine a world without this nexus of connection that fortifies the ties that bind us and helps inspire our most noble instincts as human beings.

You can utilize NFCB’s Advocacy page to search for your local lawmaker’s address, phone and email, as well as to download action tools, talking points, public service announcement scripts and postcards to distribute in your community.

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