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The National Federation of Community Broadcasters is pleased to announce it has named Ernesto Aguilar to the role of Executive Director, effective Feb. 1.

Aguilar has served as NFCB program director since 2016. As Executive Director, Aguilar will be assigned with developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and facilitating partnerships with adjacent organizations across public media. Training and other initiatives will remain in his purview as well.

NFCB CEO Sally Kane made the public announcement in NFCB’s February newsletter:

“The antidote to the big lie or a false myth involves not just the facts, but the evocation of more enduring and inclusive narratives that are the deepest heritage of our shared humanity.” -Michael Meade (storyteller, author, and scholar of mythology)

As we slide into February my mind is on reimagining the world we live in. What else can a person do after 2020 and the weirdness of January in our nation. The Twitter silence was deafening and I found myself feeling relieved, a little at loose ends, and finally able to grieve the senseless loss of life and general brokenness of our society.

We have a crucial task ahead as people involved in grassroots local media – restoring trust and evoking narratives that help communities heal. I can’t think of a better person to be “designer in chief” of NFCB’s path this year than Ernesto. That’s why I am happy to announce that he is taking the title of Executive Director. This will empower him to tap the leadership skills he has been hard at work developing and it will allow me to focus on expanding interconnectedness with other national organizations and leading our Community Counts Initiative (CCI) work. 

I’ve charged our team with committing to what Michael Meade is talking about in the quote above. We will be focused on caring about our shared humanity this year with courage and with our eyes on the prize of justice and well-being. It might sound elementary but that is where we are. We’ll offer you the tips and tricks of the trade you rely on while earnestly addressing four new focus areas.

We’ve got a plan and we’re going to work it. Thanks for making that possible with your support and engagement. Here’s to enduring and reimagining!