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2020 is almost here and, with it, comes the time for community radio stations to join or renew membership in the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

Membership provides many advantages to stations, including:

  • Access to NFCB’s Solution Center, community radio’s vetted and reliable knowledge base providing stations guidance on a range of regulatory and other issues facing radio
  • Superlative training opportunities for volunteers and staff, including in-person events, webinars, consultation and more
  • Discounted access to SoundExchange, which ensures your station is in legal compliance with its online streaming of copyrighted music
  • A seat at the table with community media’s most trusted peer network of emerging and veteran leaders and stations

Can your station afford to be a member of NFCB? Consider all the expenses stations deal with. Hiring a lawyer directly can cost a station $300 per hour or more. You can spend hours and weeks of time trying to get an answer to a question online, and you may not even sure it is right or been vetted through a regulatory resource. Online streaming can cost your station thousands of dollars. When you consider what NFCB membership costs you each month, your costs can be as low as $41 per month. Chances are, your station may pay more for your website or stream.

NFCB membership is like having a brain trust to go to when you need it. It’s more than posting online and hoping for the right answer. It’s making a phone call and getting help with those complex issues at your station. If we don’t have the answer, we can get it for you. How much is trustworthy information worth to you? Can you put a price tag on avoiding legal hassles that professional support can give you?

NFCB helps fuel your station for the road ahead. No matter what challenges you face, membership helps you do your best work and serve your community with confidence and purpose. Your investment in NFCB membership today returns knowledge and support dividends all year long. Not a member yet? Click here to inquire about membership. If you’re already a member, please ensure you return your membership renewal today.