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NFCB has been in the media recently. Here are a few ways NFCB is present for member stations.

Radio World recently offered a great profile of NFCB. A snippet:

There is a something of a revival going on at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, which is celebrating 40 years of service.

CEO Sally Kane’s call for stations to “create unity in local communities” resonated throughout the NFCB Community Media Conference in Denver in June. As NFCB put it on its website, the conference covered a range of topics such as journalism, digital strategy, development, fundraising and engagement.

NFCB Membership Program Director Ernesto Aguilar recently co-authored a National Radio Day commentary with community radio leader Sabrina Roach for Current. Aguilar and Roach said of community media:

Noncommercial radio is the programs we love, yet, as media consumption has splintered, it is also the experience of a particular voice. It’s the millennial streaming an evocative conversation about the election. It’s the teenager in a small town or suburb scanning the dial late in the evening to discover bold music and culture. It’s a community of people of color hearing itself represented by its own collection of rich characters in ways that matter.

Aguilar and Roach also promoted National Radio Day in Radio World, in one of the site’s more popular posts.

And finally, Ernesto Aguilar recently was a guest on the Radio Survivor podcast, talking about NFCB.

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