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Our communities rely on local media to find news and information that’s important to them, and never is that truer than during a time of crisis.

But how do journalists know what information community members need, and what stories would be valuable during challenging times?

Join us for an NFCB COVID-19 Information Needs Show & Tell with News Voices.

The News Voices team at Free Press works alongside newsrooms and community members across the U.S. to help them collaborate to deepen trust, repair broken relationships, expand audiences, and strengthen reporting. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we’ve partnered with local media outlets to hear what news and information community members need to be healthy, safe, and secure right now.

Free Press’ Madeleine Bair will share tactics News Voices, its local partners, and other newsrooms are using to involve community members in shaping COVID-19 coverage, including virtual town halls, old-fashioned phone trees, Facebook briefings and text messaging. Come with your questions and ideas, or to share tactics your station has been using to connect and inform community members during this time.

NFCB member stations are welcome to join us Wednesday, April 8. Please get in touch if you need an invitation.