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Training and helping stations learn from others’ experiences is part of NFCB service to member stations.

The 2017 webinar series, themed Next Level Community Radio, is intended of stations to collaborate and learn from others’ real experiences, and to apply those lessons.

The medium of radio is changing — how people listen, how they interact, and how its producers respond is all in motion. How does a station deliver its core services in innovative ways? How does it look at changing the old way of looking at things to honor its past while understanding new ways can help too? Next Level Community Radio is intended to give stations ideas and living examples of fresh perspectives.

Sessions for the 2017 webinar series include:

Building news capacity in slim organizations

Many community radio stations are small organizations. Local news is the most time and resource intensive programming element to create. What are simple but effective ways to build local news programming? How do station avoid burning out one- or two-person operations? This webinar guides stations wanting to grow local news.

Growing diverse audiences (even when your station isn’t)

America’s demographics are changing. How does community radio speak to a country not only changing in race, gender and culture, but which has a heightened awareness of the necessity for diversity and acceptance? How can stations welcome new voices onto the airwaves and create new relationships? The webinar explores issues of outreach, engagement and audience.

Music, digital and community

Music and digital have been at odds over time, but music online has succeeded as well in cultivating community, spelling benefits to artists and genres. How can stations use playlists, chat, social and passionate fans to grow the base? This webinar explores some successes by stations seeking to expand, and doing so with digital tools.

Making podcasting part of a station’s culture

Non-commercial radio talks about podcasting, but how does a station make it something its programmers take seriously? How do stations embrace the medium effectively? This webinar explores more than the technology, but creating change within organizations to respond effectively to trends and listener interests.

Rethinking member relations

New and longtime members keep community radio alive and growing. But how do stations remember those connections when staff and volunteers move on? More community radio stations are looking at affordable and flexible technology to understand their members and honor their investment in a station. This webinar looks at how stations are organizing those pledge forms, email and memories to be more responsive to their longterm needs.

Beyond news, telling effective stories about your community

News will always have an audience, but podcasts and TV are shifting audience tastes for radio. People crave storytelling, but many stations are intimidated to do it. How much does it cost? How hard is it? This webinar explores efforts by producers and stations in small, non-affluent communities and markets to share stories with heart and impact, and how it gets done.

Webinars are available to member stations. Non-member stations can join NFCB today.

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