We are just getting back to the office from a week on the road. Both of us are reenergized from meeting with over 70 people representing 24 stations at our Nevada City summit. As one participant shared with us, “NFCB meetings are inspirational and uplifting and I always go back with ideas about how to improve our own operation and motivate our people … I always want more.” We hope you do too. And more is coming … Albuquerque (June 11-13), St. Paul (June 25-26), and Olympia (July 23-24).

The best way to sum up what happened in Nevada City is to share what the people said. One of our KIDE folks had this to say: “My experience at the summit was really awesome. It surprisingly kind of renewed my motivation for working at the radio station. I was moved. ” Takeaways? “That it’s important to stay connected to the community, to try to reach different demographics, and not to get stuck in a rut.”

The KVMR staff could not have been more gracious and inspiring. Their new shop is attached to a historic theatre (from 1865) and covered in posters announcing the impressive line-up of musical acts they bring to Nevada City. Nevada City, by the way is an idyllic little down that is worth a visit.

Brian Terhorst and Michael Funk delivered impressive keynotes on managing change and evolving organizations. Ginny Berson, Beverly Hacker, and our CEO Sally Kane facilitated workshops that sparked conversations about technology, diversity, and fundraising that lasted into the night.

We piloted a plenary session exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with collaboration. The session gave participants a chance to tap into their collective wisdom in identifying what it takes for collaborative community media efforts to be successful. We’ll keep adding to this list as we hear from folks at our next three summits and look forward to turning those insights into services and programs in the future.

What did we take away from this summit? That community radio stations are hungry to provide better services to their communities, they are more than ever willing to think outside of the box, and they are already agents of creative change. We were powerfully reminded of how much people care and how much is at stake. Finally, conversations both within and outside of the program affirmed our belief that, in this work, we are more alike than we are different.

Next stop … Albuquerque!