Michael Brown

President, Brown Broadcast Services

Michael Brown is Principal Engineer and President of Brown Broadcast Services – specializing in FCC applications, signal propagation and interference analysis, and transmitter site construction.  He has built or rebuilt dozens of studio and transmitter facilities, and prepared hundreds of FCC applications, over the past 40+ years.

Michael is certified as a Senior Radio Broadcast Engineer by the Society of Broadcast Engineers, is a Member of the Association of the Federal Communications Consulting Engineers, and a member of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.  He serves as President of Community Media Assistance Project, an organization which assists NCE and LPFM startups.  He’s also a frequent panelist on broadcast engineering matters at national conferences held by media reform, commercial and community radio, and Native American organizations. 

Michael is the site supervisor of the largest combined FM tower site in Oregon, with 11 stations.  Prior to 1985, he served as Engineer or Engineering Manager for major commercial radio groups in Oregon and California, and earlier served as a radio News Director, DJ, and Station Manager.

When not finding more ways to shoehorn in yet another FM signal, Michael and his épouse belle Betty McArdle might be seen marching in the streets of Portland with pink pussycat hats, or adding to their list of countries-visited (about three-dozen).  Greece is next.