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NFCB’s next COVID-19 response call for stations is coming up with a focus on the computer software Audacity.

Audacity, the free audio editor, is a go-to for community radio stations nationwide. It works on many operating systems and has many online tutorials. However, using it optimally for radio is a learning process.

We’ll be joined by WXPR’s Nick Church as well as opening the floor to stations with Audacity experience to share. Have you got some Audacity tricks and shortcuts you use at your station? What nagging problem did you finally figure out and want to share with others? Nick Church can offer you guidance on compression and normalization, two forgotten issues that can tremendously affect the sound quality of home-produced audio.

NFCB’s Zoom meetings are a great way to share your knowledge with fellow stations, and learn from one another. They’re a member benefit. Please contact us to request an invitation. You can join today if you are not yet a member.