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Makers Room Descriptions

By May 24, 2016September 20th, 2017Industry News

This conference, NFCB is offering hands-on intensives on subjects aimed at integrating new and innovative practices to your station. At our Makers track, you’ll be part of an interactive experience, rather than your usual presentation. Here, you’re encouraged to bring your notepads, laptops, and devices, as well as your operational questions and projects in progress. The aim is to give you a chance to learn and ask questions from some of our brightest minds. In addition, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at Audience Engine, the open source toolkit that has attracted tremendous press and funding and was developed based on the efforts of NFCB member station WFMU.

These are all the titles and descriptions of what will be happening in the Makers Room at the conference!

Video for Your Website

Online video is here to stay and it’s an important part of your overall content strategy. Every station has an opportunity to enlist both professional and amateur makers to create video content, but you need a plan. Join us in the Makers Room for conversations about starting and maintaining your web video strategies.

Optimizing Mobile

A recent study by the Futures Forum looked at changes in the way public media stations are funded. One of the findings was that, “The shift to mobile may be more rapid and more disruptive than the first wave of internet service.” With this in mind, stations need to ‘up their game’ in mobile content delivery and fundraising through mobile devices. This Makers session will provide information to help you make important decisions in optimizing your mobile presence.

Community Radio around the World

In many parts of the world, community media is a lifeline to information that is not available from any other source. From political to health issues to entertainment and education, community broadcasters are an important lifeline to citizens all over the globe. Our panelists have been on the front lines of bringing radio to underserved communities and will share their stories with you.

Field Recording Basics

Radio is Alive! You can find any music file you want anytime you want it, but live interactions are still a major draw for our listeners. There’s never been a better time to do on-site recording. The price of equipment has gone down while the quality and flexibility have gone up. Learn the ins and outs of field recording in this Makers Room session.

Podcasting Basics

Podcasting got off to a slow start a few years back but in the last couple years, high-profile podcasts like Serial and 99% Invisible have caused stations to consider how they can incorporate podcasting into their overall programming strategy. This Maker’s Room session covers the content, production and technical aspects of podcasting.

Audience Engine Tour

Audience Engine is a new open-source suite of community-building, fundraising and publishing tools that lets publishers use their own content to build community. Then they can marshal that community for financial support. Join Audience Engine founder Ken Freedman to get the scoop on this new model for independent media sustainability in the digital age.

All the times of what is in the Makers Room when: see the conference schedule at a glance.

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