Low-Power FM (LPFM) Summit

Low-power community radio has grown immensely since its inception, with nearly 2,000 stations going on the air in the last decade. NFCB has provided support for LPFM stations from coast to coast. Whether it is about fundraising, operations, programming, governance, FCC rules or other areas, NFCB includes LPFM and grassroots local media as part of our mission. The full summit agenda is forthcoming, but includes:

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Sally Kane

Update from Prometheus Radio Project
Ernesto Aguilar (facilitator)

Betty McArdle and Michael Brown

Programming and Volunteer Recruitment
K. P. Whaley and Lauree McArdle

Community Engagement
Desiree Bayonet

LPFM Underwriting, Fundraising and Development
Nathan Moore

This summit is an opportunity for NFCB’s member LPFM stations and allies to meet, to collaborate and to discuss needs and opportunities on the local and national level. Participation in the summit is no cost, but you must be registered for the conference to attend.

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