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With the Grassroots Radio Conference on the horizon, NFCB celebrate LPFM community radio stations making a difference.

Low power FM radio station comprise a sizeable portion of NFCB’s membership, and NFCB is proud to support the efforts of LPFMs nationally.

A recent Pew Research study indicates low power FM continues to grow, with community radio being a big part of that. Religious broadcasting is another major force in LPFM.

This year’s GRC features an LPFM work session. It comes amid much news about LPFM on the radio scene. San Francisco is beginning the task of an LPFM launch. Profiles of LPFMs in Boston, Mendocino and Orlando are just a few of the many recent articles on low power FM community radio stations. Student broadcasters will host an LPFM session at their conference in mid-October.

A recent conversation on a new class of stations could impact LPFM in the future. However, for now, things are looking bright.

NFCB welcomes low power FM community radio stations to join today.

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