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Holidays like Labor Day are a great time to draw listeners.

Labor Day takes places Monday, Sept. 4. It is traditionally recognized with parades, festivals and more in many communities. For community radio, Labor Day is also a chance to welcome listeners to your on-air, web and social media channels.

How can a community radio station with limited resources offer Labor Day programming that creates a buzz? Here are a few ideas:

  • Themed day. Labor Day is traditionally the close of summer, so maybe your programming can tap that spirit with upbeat sounds of summer, fun music for a cookout or the best of 2017 so far.
  • State of the nation. Your station can do interstitial or blocked programming examining employment and working today. Labor issues, trade and related subjects are some of the most compelling debates right now. Whether fully developed news or people sharing their personal stories, your station can address the big issue of 2017.
  • Streaming on Labor Day history. If you have a local university or school nearby, consider bringing in a teacher or professor to talk about Labor Day’s history for a Facebook Live or other social media channel.
  • Labor-themed music. Many excellent artists have recorded music on working and labor movements. Profiling some of the performers and songs could be educational and enjoyable.

Above all, do not write off Labor Day as just a holiday. With people off of work, the potential to engage your existing and new listener is quite encouraging. Make Labor Day special through your community radio station.

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