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NFCB’s July webinar will help community radio coverage in polarized times.

NFCB’s webinar series for July features Public News Service, long devoted to the idea that part of journalism’s role is to engage and motivate communities in respectful, authentic ways to help uncover and understand root causes of divisions, on the path to finding shared solutions and ultimately contributing to favorable public policy outcome.

The July webinar will examine these subjects and more:

  • How some news writing conventions actually exacerbate or drive polarized divisions between people and identity groups, and many journalists are unaware they are (and have been) stoking conflict unconsciously
  • How to develop new approaches to observing and reporting in order to fulfill our role as public watchdogs and sharers of accurate information
  • How to unpack and better understand ongoing disagreements so that when we’re asked to write a ‘balanced story’, the public doesn’t often get a ‘he said/she said’ regurgitation of opposing views, causing confusion, irritation – or worse, turning people off to public life and civic engagement

You’ll learn about the “Deep Balance” approach of clarifying, assessing and addressing the seemingly intractable polarities underlying contentious issues. Using political and linguistic analysis based on George Lakoff’s work, Barry Johnson’s Polarity Thinking models, and behavioral approaches from the world of Human Resources, participants will learn new ways to navigate our polarized landscape to help communities find solutions, rather than unwittingly inflame discord.

NFCB webinars are available to member stations. If your station is not an NFCB member, you are encouraged to join today.



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