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John Schaefer has been involved with community radio since 1993. He led KGNU in the Music Director position from 2006-2015. During that time he expanded listenership and donorĀ  support for music programming. He also implemented the first mobile strategies for KGNU through

Previously, he worked as Creative Director for the Eclectic Radio Company where he helped develop one of the first internet radio broadcasts featuring live DJs at John also worked as the Music Director for the nationally syndicated radio broadcasts of E-Town where he helped expand the program to include Jazz, Klezmer, Sacred Steel guitar, and other overlooked music. John has also worked as an industry leader in the area of mobile messaging for apps for Oracle and has leveraged his experience in this field to benefit community radio.

Currently he is exploring projects to move community and micro-community radio into the spotlight of the mobile music landscape through his labor of love organization Radio Rethink. His day job is developing elevated urban transportation solutions at an engineering firm based in New Zealand.